Adventures Designed To Help You Explore The Relationship Between Humans And Nature


Freeland Nature Camps are a Non-Profit Program

Freeland is a registered U.S. non-profit NGO.  Revenues generated from the Nature Camp program are used to address Freeland’s core mission of habitat protection, community development and reducing and ultimately eliminating trafficking of endangered species.

We partner with organizations like Dragon Expeditions that share our values.  Dragon Expeditions puts the welfare of the local Tibetan community first and any revenues they generate from their programs are reinvested to address their long term social goals.

Both Freeland Nature Camps and Dragon Expeditions welcome cooperation in various fields to further our core missions – with international travel companies, NGO’s, private groups and academic institutions. We are interested in potential opportunities to cooperate in endangered species protection, sustainable development of rural areas and conservation of the environment in remote regions throughout the world.

Freeland’s Volunteer & Partnership Support Program

Freeland Nature Camps provide the opportunity to experience diverse cultures, nature-based learning and community development projects.  We can customize various forms of community engagement for volunteers that have a desire to participate in community development projects and experience true local cultures around the world. Find out more about the possibilities of working with Freeland Nature Camps. For partnership and volunteer opportunities, please contact .

Freeland is Proud to Partner with Dragon Expeditions on ‘Surviving Together’ – Freeland’s Wildlife Protection and Community Development Program

Freeland is proud to partner with Dragon Expeditions who shares our commitment to habitat protection and sustainable community development. Dragon Expeditions is one of the few travel agencies that lead tours in China’s Tibetan region; it is their mission to use tourism as a tool to promote sustainable development for these local communities by focusing on environmental protection and cultural preservation. With 15 years of experience in eco-tourism, all of their in-depth tours and projects are consciously geared so that tourists can enjoy authentic cultural experiences while being ethically responsible and benefitting local communities. By tailoring their programs to satisfy both their clients and the community they serve they share Freeland Camp’s mission to practice social sustainability and maintain high environmental standards.

Freeland’s Experiential Programs

 Freeland Nature Camps are education without boundaries.  Adults and young alike are encouraged to learn through intimately “experiencing” nature. Freeland Nature Camps in remote locations around the world like the Yunhe Tibetan Centre, create a space for people to develop a sense of curiosity about nature and proactively engage in activities that provide a positive impact.  Freeland also designs nature focused education programs specifically for academic & research institutions.